In numerous places around the world, the uniform is the staple attire for educational institutions and places of employment. Its purpose varies from establishing a sense of conformity to maintaining a professional image within all levels of an organisation. Most would not look beyond them as simple pieces of clothing that serve little function but they would be surprised to know that uniforms can be tailored to serve a greater purpose.

Hoe Seng (S.K) Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based company that has roots in uniform manufacturing for industries like engineering, shipbuilding, offshore oil & gas, aviation and construction. Such industries have much reliance on manpower to proceed with day to day operations and it is essential that the people working on the ground are safe.

Hoe Seng’s uniforms include providing clients with workwear overalls that conform to the stringent quality controls and safety standards.

Company History

Leading the company is Mr Soh Teck Fee whose steady hand paved the way for Hoe Seng to numerous opportunities. The unparalleled respect was not garnered without difficulties as Mr Soh faced manpower shortage during the early phase of the company. Coming from a humble background, Mr Soh Teck Fee did not possess significant starting capital to employ more people. He was forced to perform a one-man-show for all aspects of the business from packing to delivery into the wee hours of the night. Mr Soh’s lone efforts are a far cry to the company’s bustling environment of today.

With their main headquarters in Singapore, the uniforms are manufactured in Malaysia, China and Indonesia. An extensive quality assurance workflow in the manufacturing process ensures that everything is checked for fit, wear and comfort. Hoe Seng understands the ever changing requirements of clients and is more than prepared to respond with different designs to meet a specific task. No matter what the desired outcome may be, clients would soon find out that their faith in Hoe Seng is well placed as the company’s high standards for superior construction never falters. While there is no universally accepted definition of a fair price, Hoe Seng is confident that their quality workmanship can compete with others at a reasonable price.

The company has been eager to prove to clients that even though the products are not made in Singapore, the quality would still be maintained throughout all production lines. Hoe Seng remains accountable for the products till even it has been sold. They place much emphasis on their after-sales service and if clients encounter any issues with the garments, the company is more than willing to assisting in resolving any complications. It is clear that Hoe Seng has been consistent in providing clients with quality services and products. Their pursuit of continuous distinction is highly commendable and makes them stand out in the industry as one of the leading companies in uniforms manufacturing.